• International Day of World’s Indigenous People

      9th September 2015 Published in English in The Shillong Times

      SHILLONG: With the occasion of the World Indigenous Day 2015 scheduled for Sunday, NESFAS (North East Slow Food &Agro-biodiversity Society) Lecture series beings the countdown to Indigenous Terra Madre (ITM) 2015 in collaboration with The Indigenous Partnership for Agro-biodiversity and Food Sovereignty (Rome) organized an academic gathering hosted in Shillong and anchored by the presentation of internationally renowned specialist Dr. Harriet Kuhnlein titled Biodiversity and Indigenous Peoples’ Food Systems and Security.

      The Lecture by Dr. Kuhnlein, is the first of a series of lectures that will be conducted by experts on various fields relating to Indigenous Peoples as a run up to ITM 2015.

      NESFAS has already started a similar study program with NIN (National Institute of Nutrition) in the Lyngam area, West Khasi Hills district, Meghalaya that focuses on the role women play in determining the nutrition status of their family under Dr. Kuhnlein’s close watch.

      The Lyngam study will culminate and be presented at the Indigenous Terra Madre (ITM) 2015 or International Mei-ramew (IMR 2015) that will be held from November 3 to 7 in Meghalaya where 60 world indigenous communities will be meeting on one platform to share issues and ideas on food, its production and related topics.